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There are many people who would benefit very much from the practice of yoga but for one reason or another feel that they wouldn’t be able to cope with a class.  Those living with long term debilitating conditions such as MS, ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia, those carrying a chronic physically limiting condition, those who simply find movement challenging due to a longer term sedentary lifestyle, or indeed those who just feel that they are too old to take up yoga.

This class is designed specifically for these sorts of people.  It is structured in such a way that is accessible to students whose ability is constrained for some reason, or whose confidence in their own abilities is very low.  Each student is taught in a way that will offer a personal approach to yoga appropriate to their condition or capabilities.  Gentle and therapeutic yoga can help in the management of many of these conditions and can gradually build confidence at the same time as strengthening the abilities.  Each student is given the permission to work at their own personal level whilst they are guided to gradually grow in their yoga practice.  Slowly each student is given tools and experiences which allow then to move more freely in yoga and in everyday life.

If you feel that this sort of class might be of help to you but are not sure if you can cope, or if you wish to talk your specific condition or circumstances through, please contact Debby.

This class is also suitable for new beginners to yoga who wish to join a general beginners class.

Class teacher

Debby Wilkinson
Senior Teacher and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Trainer

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Class Hours

11:30 - 12:45

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Debby Wilkinson
01380 816844
£66.50 (7 weeks)
Term Dates
5th June - 17th July