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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a word we all know but very few understand. It is not something that readily can be explained in words, it is something which needs to be experienced to be understood.  Words like ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Stilling the mind’ are often used to capture some of the essence of meditation. 

In the Group David will take you through the preparation and the experience of meditation so that you can build that experience first hand. Some of the benefits of regular meditation are said to be:

  • Stress reduction and decreased anxiety
  • Reduces the noise and chatter of waking minds
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improved memory and ability to learn
  • Feelings of peace, calmness and awareness of self
  • Improves moodiness and irritability
  • Improved sleep
  • A sense of coming home
  • A connection with the ‘self’
  • A connection with the Divine.

The Group

The WHY meditation group led by David and runs on a drop-in basis, and is designed for those who wish to explore different aspects and paths in the art of mediation.  During the sessions we’ll practice buddhist yoga techniques, yogic and vedantic mediations, taoist meditations, and secular mindfulness meditations.  We will work with meditations on objects, sounds, visualisations, chants, yoga nidra, and meditative movement.  These aspects and variations of mediation will of course come in over a period of time and we will spend enough time on each theme to allow us to really absorb the essence of whatever we are working with.  ‘Breath’ will be the single theme that travels with us as we explore all of the rest.

The structure and format of the sessions will involve some simple movement of the body followed by breath centring and settling exercises, before moving into the meditation itself.    They will run with an informal and light-hearted spirit that becomes applied to the meditations as we develop them.  We will develop a main theme for each term so that we have the opportunity to go deeply into the core meditation over a period of weeks, but each session will be different around that main theme.

Previous Experience

You will need to have some experience of meditation to get the most out of this group, either as part pf a yoga class, as a mindfulness practice or as having done some sort of formal meditation.  There is no need for any particular belief or path on your part, just come along and be open and we’ll see where the practice takes us, an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a desire to grow is all you need to bring with you.

The cost of each session will be £7.00

Class teacher

David Wilkinson
Teacher of yoga and meditation, Yoga and Movement Therapist

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Class Hours

12:00 - 13:00

Class Details

David Wilkinson
01380 816844
£36.00 for the term (6 weeks) or £7.00 per session
13th November - 18th December 2018