Timetable of all classes

These classes are open to students who have at least 2 years regular and recent yoga practice.  The class style will vary and will often include flowing sequences such as the Sun Salutation along with held postures. 

Considerable focus is given to breathwork including more advanced forms of Pranayama.  Intermediate classes will also include the use of Bandhas, Mudra and Meditation.

Class teacher

Debby Wilkinson
Senior Teacher and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Trainer

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Class Hours

09:30 - 11:00
09:30 - 11:00

Class Details

Debby Wilkinson
01380 816844 or 07505 142285
£66.50 (7 weeks)
Term Dates
Week starting 5th June - week ending 27th July 2018 - No classes on 11th and 13th July