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These classes are open to students who have at least 2 years regular and recent yoga practice and is a class in the viniyoga tradition. ‘The viniyoga of yoga’ simply mean ‘the intelligent application of yoga’ and in this tradition each person is seen as an individual and sessions offer a meditative approach to yoga through which various yoga techniques are applied to each individual’s circumstances and requirements.  This is a form of yoga which utilises the relationship between breath and movement and recognises the influence one has on the other with the aim of creating strength, flexibility and ease in the body and peace in the mind.

This class includes vedic chanting and use of sound, meditation, and considerable focus is given to breathwork including more advanced forms of pranayama.  It can also include the use of bandhas.

Class teacher

David Wilkinson
Teacher of yoga and meditation, Yoga and Movement Therapist

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Event Hours

19:30 - 21:00

Event Details

David Wilkinson
01380 816844
£63.00 (7 weeks)
6th November - 18th December 2018