Naomi Seager

About Naomi

Naomi’s journey into the heart of the healing arts of yoga began in 2001 when, after many years of being depressed, anxious and overweight and always looking for a way to feel better she chanced upon a yoga dvd.  Immediately she was hooked and gave up work, sold her flat and embarked on what was to be more than a decade of intensive transformational training and practice!  In the process she has accrued more than 1500 hours of study and 5000 of teaching.

Naomi aims to share the teachings of yoga that have brought so much freedom and joy to her own life in the hope that she may provide the opportunity for others to find whatever it is that they are looking for, be it improved general health, ease and peace of mind, healing from old wounds (physical and emotional) or a richer spiritual life.

Class booking

All classes are booked directly with the teacher. Please use the contact form or call 07727 124097 to enquire about availability.