David Wilkinson

why-davidAbout David

I have had an exciting and varied life in the 56 years I’ve been at it.  I was a soldier for 22 years, I’ve worked in telecommunications companies, run charities, worked as a Sports Massage threrapist, and taught Sports and Fitness Therapies in my own company and in FE college.  I have always been physically active loving mountaineering and rock climbing in my younger days – now more accurately referred to as ‘walking in the hills’.  I have a black belt in Aikido, I play badminton each week, and of course I attend yoga classes.

Throughout all of this I have maintained an underlying foundation of spirituality and self-study which has always been supported by the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on the way.  Yogic and Taoist philosophy and meditation has been with me for many years and have sustained me and nurtured me through many experiences. I discovered viniyoga around 10 years ago and studied with Paul Harvey for a number of years. I now work and study with Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton who are amongst the most inspirational viniyoga teachers in the country.  I have also continued to grow my knowledge through courses in the Hanna Somatics approach to movement therapy and through my ongoing study of Fascia and how it effects movement and health with such teachers as Thomas Myers.

My eclectic background of a fit and active life  built on deeply spiritual foundations, coupled with the depth of knowledge around the human body and how it moves that I’ve aquired as a sports massage therapist and teacher, and through my studies of yoga with my excellent teachers over the years, allows me to offer a uniquely powerful but sensitive deep yoga practice.  It also gives me a deep of base of experiences from which I can offer teaching of meditation.

Class booking

All classes are booked directly with the teacher. Please use the contact form or call 01380 816844 to enquire about availability.