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NCT Yoga for Pregnancy classes incorporate gentle yoga-based exercises, pranayama (breathing), relaxation, and ideas for working with the sensations of labour and birth.  Yoga is well known for helping women to cope wth the physical demands of pregnancy and labour and can positively influence postnatal recovery.  

Women report improved sleep, reduced backache, strengthed muscles (including pelvic floor) and increased body awareness.  Women who attend these classes enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, alongside the opportunity to improve their physical and emotional well-being in a safe space.  

Birth experiences are positive – however babies are born – and women grow in confidence and self belief.  For first time mothers there are practical tips and an opportunity to meet other expectant mothers, for women who are already mothers the classes are a chance to relax and concentrate on this baby and this birth.  

Class teacher

Cathy Welch
Specialist teacher of Yoga for Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga.

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Event Hours

17:45 - 19:15

Event Details

Cathy Welch
01380 850555 or 07960 330131
£56.00 (7 weeks)
7th November - 19th December 2018